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A crazy year

The Year 2020 came with a lot of enthusiasm but ended up being one of the worst years due to obvious reason-> COVID

There is something new that I believe in learning each day and 2020 was no different. I personally leaned a-lot this Year. …

Portainer is very popular among the docker community for its container management and guess what! now Portainer has extended this management to Kubernetes.
Yes, It's True, Portainer 2.0 is coming and it's huge, as it now comes with KUBERNETES Management. In this post, I will walk through portainer 2.0 …

Came across a GitHub repository implemented by the awesome folks at Sighup.IO for managing user permissions for Kubernetes cluster easily via web UI.

GitHub Repo : https://github.com/sighupio/permission-manager

With Permission Manager, you can create users, assign namespaces/permissions, and distribute Kubeconfig YAML files via a nice&easy web UI.
The project works on the…

Saiyam Pathak

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