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Teleport is an open source, identity-aware, access proxy with an integrated certificate authority. People have been using teleport for ssh-access, Kubernetes clusters and with Teleport 6.0 you get Database access as well (Postgress and MySQL).

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can do it all from scratch for a self-hosted MySQL Database(I will show the database install as well).

Prerequisites: 2 Ubuntu 20.04 instances with sudo access.

I have 2 machines called teleport and database

3 weeks back I wrote a book “Learn CKS Scenarios” on Gumroad.

A crazy year

The Year 2020 came with a lot of enthusiasm but ended up being one of the worst years due to obvious reason-> COVID

There is something new that I believe in learning each day and 2020 was no different. I personally leaned a-lot this Year. In this post, I want to pen down some of the things that I have done and other things that happened in my life.


Docker Meetup 16th Jan: Kickstart Your 2020 Container Journey with Docker & Kubernetes + Kubernetes101 Workshop

Year Begining I along with other community members organized the biggest Docker…

Yes, you heard it right, yesterday Mirantis launched k0s a frictionless kubernetes distribution.
k0s is a single binary that is packed with all the components to run the Kubernetes cluster in very little time by just having the binary on all the hosts.

Now by this time you already must have started making comparisons of k0s with k3s which is a CNCF sandbox project & a CNCF certified kubernetes distribution. But first let us see what k0s has to offer, its vision, a demo, and then a comparison with k3s.

What is behind the name?
- Zero friction meaning anyone can…

Portainer is very popular among the docker community for its container management and guess what! now Portainer has extended this management to Kubernetes.
Yes, It's True, Portainer 2.0 is coming and it's huge, as it now comes with KUBERNETES Management. In this post, I will walk through portainer 2.0 and some of its features.

We will cover below scenarios:

  • Installing Portainer on Managed k3s by Civo Cloud
  • Installing Portainer Agent on GKE

Installing Portainer on Managed k3s

  • Create a civo k3s cluster

Originally posted on my website

In this post, we will discuss a tool name “Kubevious”

Visualizing Kubernetes is something that everyone wants, the more good the visualization, the more it gets adopted by the community. Tools that help to view/debug the issues/configurations right in front of the screen make the life of dev/ops people easy.

There are Different Tools as of today that do the visualization, but I found Kubevious to be different. Along with the visualizations, it also shows the misconfigured labels for the pods-services, instantly shows the RBAC roles/permissions for the service accounts. Sounds Exciting? …

Push code, not containers

Today I will be sharing some insights into working with Shipa.

So Shipa is a platform mainly built for the developers so that they can focus more on writing code and less on the infrastructure. The main idea IMO is to make developers' life easy and making their apps run on the best in class kubernetes clusters.

One can associate the Kubernetes clusters with ships using the following guide:

Once the cluster is added it shows up in the dashboard for the shipa instance and you can have an overview of all the cluster/apps associated.

Dashboard :

Dashboard view if…

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Came across a GitHub repository implemented by the awesome folks at Sighup.IO for managing user permissions for Kubernetes cluster easily via web UI.

GitHub Repo :

With Permission Manager, you can create users, assign namespaces/permissions, and distribute Kubeconfig YAML files via a nice&easy web UI.
The project works on the concept of templates that you can create and then use that template for different users.Template is directly proportional to clusterrole.
In rder to create a new template you need to defile a clusterrole with prefix template-namespaces-resources__. The default template are present in the k8s/k8s-seeds directory.

Example template:


A Quick overview and install in less than 5 minutes

Definition From the Docs :

Octant is a tool for developers to understand how applications run on a Kubernetes cluster. It aims to be part of the developer’s toolkit for gaining insight and approaching complexity found in Kubernetes. Octant offers a combination of introspective tooling, cluster navigation, and object management along with a plugin system to further extend its capabilities.

Octant is one of the recent projects by VMware that aims to simplify the kubernetes view for developers. Now the developers would be able to see what all is happening…

K3s is an open-source, lightweight Kubernetes distribution by Rancher that was introduced this year and has gained huge popularity. If you’re not familiar with it, check out this post on k3s vs k8s by Andy Jeffries, CTO at Civo. People not only like the concept behind it, but also the awesome work that the team has done to strip down the heavy Kubernetes distribution to a minimal level. Though k3s started as a POC project for local Kubernetes development, its development has led people to use it even at a production level.

Official GitRepo:

Seeing the popularity of k3s…

Saiyam Pathak

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